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Customer Testimonials


Email Review, March 19, 2015 | Pleasant Experience

In the 48 years my husband and I have been married and purchased cars together, we have never had a sale representative as thorough as Jared Frantz. He acquainted us with the features of the car we were interested in, invited us to take a test drive, answered all of our questions and walked us through the purchasing process. Jared didn't rush us or pressure us in any way. He introduced us to the financial officer and after the paperwork was completed, Jared familiarized us with the service and waiting areas. Before we left, Jared sat in our new car with us and explained its features in great detail...he even assisted in syncing our cell phones. Jared made sure we were fully pleased with our purchase before we drove it out of the lot. I feel that Jared went above and beyond his responsibility as a salesperson to assure our experience was a pleasant one. Review, March 7, 2015 | Great Service, Great Deal

Walked into the dealership this morning thinking that a deal would not happen and I would go on to buy a toyota as I was planning on doing. I was very pleasantly surprised. VW Jetta is an awesome driving car that really has not equal in its price range, plus it fits my 6 foot frame beautifully. Linda Radue, is an awesome sales person. She is knows her products, does not bash other vehicles just listen and advises appropriately. If your looking for a someone you can trust that will give great service call Linda Radue today!

MJSKDS VW Review, February 13, 2015 | The Way It *Should* Be...

My wife's commute has gotten longer due to a job change and our Subaru was on the blink. Linda got us into a new Tiguan lease and got us out of the Subaru and my wife could not be happier. The whole experience was pleasant and pain-free and we're looking forward to working with Linda again.

cannontech Review, February 11, 2015 | Great service, great product at a fair price

It was time for me to purchase a new (used) car. I was considering a GTi. I knew that it has a lot of competition from Ford, Mazda, Subaru and so forth. You have to understand that despite not being the "cheapest" or fastest small car, you do buy a VW GTi for different reasons. Fit and finish, heritage, better styling come to mind (read the car publications, a top pick almost every year)........We can now add Customer Service to this list. Linda was brilliant, she showed me a Candy White 2014 GTi. After completing the test Drive I knew I wanted the car. Linda did a great job explaining the warranty on this Certified car. Also gave me a rundown from Carfax for my piece of mind. Once all the paperwork was complete I was given an in depth training session on the electronics in the car. I received a follow up call a few days later to make sure all was well. All this for a used car!!! All in all the overall experience was truly exceptional from everyone at Burnsville VW - A special thanks to Linda and Jay for all the assistance they provided.

1fastgti Review, February 3, 2015 | Great detective work - excellent maintenance service!

My vehicle's brakes were squeaking intermittently, under very difficult-to-reproduce conditions (brakes only squeak when the brake pedal is released and when the car is coasting at 1 - 2 mph). The Burnsville VW team listened carefully to my description of the issue, they were able to reproduce the noise, isolate the problem to slipping pads, and fix it! I'm so appreciative of their willingness to spend the extra time to get to the root cause of the problem. Sandie Fuller, my service rep, is top notch! She treats each customer with care and respect. She provides clear descriptions of the problem and the fix, and she stays on top of the service being done for the car. I'm sure all the service reps at Burnsvilile VW provide high-quality service, but Sandie goes above and beyond. I would enthusiastically recommend Burnsville VW to anyone looking for quality service at a fair price.


Volkswagen Customer Survey, January 2015 | 100.0%

Honestly, it was exceptional. Linda goes beyond all expectations, support staff were excellent, service is always great. Made great impression on my wife to wash her car. We have been recommending the dealership in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Best car buying experience for all the years I've been buying cars. You truly have it right. Great Job! Thank you.

Warren and Ulrike A.

Google+ Review, January 2015 | 5/5 Stars

I Have purchased many vehicles in my lifetime in Iowa and Minnesota and have had no experience that even comes close to the uber satisfying process and experience as is found at Luther VW. Can't compliment Linda Radue enough on her professionalism, dedication to detail, motivation to get everything just right, consideration for our particular situation (drove from two hours away) and just a nice personable person to know and work with. This is our second VW and have nothing but great things to say about all support staff and especially the service department. They are accommodating, helpful and always willing to work with our schedule. This total experience is what buying, owning and maintaining a vehicle should be like for everyone.

wander369ful Review, January 2015 | New vehicle purchase

Just purchased my new 2015 GTI so far so happy with the vehicle. Would like to say a special thanks to John Trombley who helped me through the buying process. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone who are interested in purchasing a new vehicle. Thank you Burnsville Volkswagen.

Robert L. Review, July 2014 | Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

I was just passing through the state and needed a 30k service done. I was seen the next afternoon! I had an issue with the trunk that was noted during the 20k service (in WA) but the service dept. couldn't reproduce the problem. Here, they immediately saw what was going on, ordered the part, and had me in 1.5 days later! Everyone was friendly and helpful, from service to almost selling me a tshirt :) IDK who made the XL so small but it just wouldn't've worked for my pregnant friend :( Will definitely use them again when I pass through the area!!! The only thing not up to my high standards was the car wash - but that's b/c of all the road kill still on my bumper LOL.

Robyn Review, July 2014 | Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

We were provided a loaner car because of major service time required for a minor recall and normal 40,000 service. As always, car was washed when we returned. This service was completed at 6 pm as scheduled and this was all the day before a major holiday. All personnel are very kind, informative and helpful. Only surprise was how expensive a 40,000 service is.


Dealer Rater Review, July 2014 | Score: 4.8 out of 5.0

Linda Radue was the perfect sales person...she guided us to the perfect preowned choice for our 16 year old on our first day of shopping. She was patient in giving us time with the car; showing us all of the features; introducing us to service department; and giving us options. I would definitely recommend Linda. The Dealership is spotless and inviting...Great service all around!


Reason For Visit: Sales (Used)
I Recommend This Dealer: Yes

Costco Kudos Review, July 2014

I purchased a VW Passat a couple years ago from another dealership and had a horrible experience. I have been taking that car for service to Burnsville VW and they have always done an amazing job. They are honest, up front and willing to go the extra mile. When I decided to trade in that car for an upgrade, I considered leaving the VW family altogether, but my service consultant, Sandie, convinced me to talk to Linda Radue. The entire experience was very positive. Linda was friendly, knowledgeable and honest. Linda listened and cared about making this a positive experience for me and never pressured me to do something I wasn't comfortable doing. I drove multiple cars from multiple dealerships throughout the process, but I kept coming back to Burnsville VW. I ended up leasing a 2014 VW Passat and they even brought in a vehicle from Rochester in the color I wanted. I don't regret my choice in vehicle and would go back to work with Linda again in a heartbeat.

Karen H.

Dealer Rater Review, July 2014 | Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

I purchased a VW Passat a couple years ago from another dealership and had a horrible experience. I have been taking that car for service to Burnsville VW and they have always done an amazing job. They are honest, up front and willing to go the extra mile. When I decided to trade in that car for an upgrade, I considered leaving the VW family altogether, but my service consultant, Sandie, convinced me to talk to Linda Radue. The entire experience was very positive. Linda was friendly, knowledgeable and honest. Linda listened and cared about making this a positive experience for me and never pressured me to do something I wasn't comfortable doing. I drove multiple cars from multiple dealerships throughout the process, but I kept coming back to Burnsville VW. I ended up leasing a 2014 VW Passat and they even brought in a vehicle from Rochester in the color I wanted. I don't regret my choice in vehicle and would go back to work with Linda again in a heartbeat.


Reason For Visit: Sales (New)
I Recommend This Dealer: Yes

Dealer Rater Review, July 2014 | Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

I had owned a Volkswagen Jetta in 1989 and wanted to return to the Volkswagen car after owning two Hondas. Mike Barcalow communicated promptly and clearly via e-mail on what was available in the car type and price range. Upon arriving at the dealership, Mike greeted me and offered a test drive, pointing out the enhancements that Volkswagen has done since the late '80s. Linda Radue handled the sales aspect of the event, being very knowledgeable, pointing out features and aspects of the Jetta that really gild the lily. I enjoyed purchasing this car and look forward to owning this Volkswagen!


Reason For Visit: Sales (Used)
I Recommend This Dealer: Yes

Volkswagen Survey, July 2014

Adam Cote was a wonderful and knowledgeable sales person. I will be purchasing from Burnsville Volkswagen again when needed!

Michael S.

Volkswagen Survey, July 2014

Luke Klingson was the most responsive and considerate salesperson we dealt with at any dealership. After spending forty yearts in sales, I appreciate the fact he is working his way up in the organization!

Lynne M.

Volkswagen Survey, July 2014

Richard Cadry was a pleasure to work with. This is the second car I bought from him. Both cars are excellent. I will look to him first the next time I need a car.

James B.

Volkswagen Survey, June 2014

Love my old Passat, but it's time had come. Told the salesperson what I was looking for and the first car she showed me was the car I drove off with. Thus far loving the new Jetta.

R. Crone

Volkswagen Survey, June 2014

Love my bug convertible and John was so attentive and helpful getting me the car I wanted. He exceeded all expectation when he got the car delivered and ready for pick up before my May 30th Birthday!!! I have continued positive experiences with everyone I encounter at VW Burnsville!!

G. Anderson

Volkswagen Survey, June 2014

I'm so glad I chose this dealership to purchase my first car. Everyone was super welcoming and helpful. Thank you!

A. Billings

Volkswagen Survey, June 2014

There was a slight hang up waiting for a part to be replaced on the brakes while I waited, but other than that, it was an excellent experience. I was also shown that my time was valued by being offered a merchandise voucher as an apology for having to wait so long. Staff was very helpful and straightforward

J. Johnston

Volkswagen Survey, June 2014

Linda was a joy to work with. I had my 3 year old son with me and she was super in making him comfortable also. Great buying experience!

E. Drieman Review, May 2014 | Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

Ugor and Glenn were awesome! I hadn't even gotten out of my car and they greeted me by name. Had a rental car ready for me and got the service done much sooner than they quoted me. When I picked up my car, Glenn explained some things to me that I had questions about. He is the first person to be able to adequately explain other than just saying that's what VW recommends. Thank you Glenn! I highly recommend Burnsville VW! Everyone there is professional and friendly. I'm a bit spoiled coming from other German high end cars where the dealership pampers you. I'm so glad I bought a car from them and look forward to continued business for a long time!

Heidi Review, May 2014 | Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

I purchased a used 2007 Passat (my first VW) last year with over 132,000 miles on it. I bought it from a third party and needless to say, I was a little concerned about the high mileage and at the time of purchase, I did not know where this car had been serviced during its lifespan. The car was in very good shape and extremely clean so I knew it had received some TLC. About a week after purchase, I found out the car had been serviced the previous 5 years at Luther Burnsville VW. I called them to see if it was possible to get hold of the service/maintenance history for this vehicle and was prepared to pay for it. The service person I was speaking to recognized the car and offered to send me the history with the previous owner's name/information blanked out. I received this within 3 days in the mail and was very impressed that the previous owners had serviced this car religiously at Luther. It's been a year, and my first oil change just came due (I know, I only drive about 5000 miles a year) and I went to Luther to have it done. The service was top of the line. They met me, did a walk around of the vehicle, researched for any recalls, let me know about upcoming things I might need to have work on, changed the oil, checked my AC, and washed my car. Very nice. I will keep going there as much as possible to continue their many years of good service for my Passat.


Dealer Rater Review, May 2014 | Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

Our son in college needed a car to run about with for his personal needs and so we stopped in just to see what Luther Burnsville VW had and we fortunately met Linda, our great saleswoman who helped us find the right car for our son. Wasn't pushy at all, took her time with us and really took into account what we were really looking for in a car. We mentioned that we wanted to surprise our son with the new car and Linda was nice enough to borrow us the cliché big red bow to help with the surprise. Our son loved the car as well as the surprise. Overall she made our recent car buying experience a breeze & memorable. Would recommend Linda as well as the dealership of Luther Burnsville VW to everyone.


Reason For Visit: Sales (Used)
I Recommend This Dealer: Yes

Dealer Rater Review, May 2014 | Score: 4.8 out of 5.0

Over the past 8 years I have been using Burnsville Volkswagen to care for my Passat and they have consistently provided superb customer service and have taken excellent care of my car. They have always been willing to work with my time constraints and go that extra mile to make sure that my car is in its best running condition. They know me by name and remember details regarding my car. I can't think of a place I would rather have my car serviced.


Reason For Visit: Sales (Used)
I Recommend This Dealer: Yes

Dealer Rater Review, April 2014 | Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

Easy, no hassle experience! Excellent value was offered for my trade in, a deal I couldn't pass up. Sticker price on the vehicle I purchased was $3K less than Kelly Blue Book. Would buy from Luther Burnsville again in the future!


Reason For Visit: Sales (Used)
I Recommend This Dealer: Yes

Dealer Rater Review, April 2014 | Score: 4.8 out of 5.0

Sandy always does a great job and keeps you informed on what is happening on the service of your car. Also, takes the time to explain repair cost and planned maintenance costs.


Reason For Visit: Service
I Recommend This Dealer: Yes

Google+ Review, March 2014

Our salesman always calls us back quickly. He finds the best automobiles for us and we have been very satisfied with the whole car purchase from start to finish. My son was treated respectfully and they listened to what he wanted. The salesman made him feel special and spent time with him, helping him with the purchase of the new car. (we have purchased 3 autos from this dealer/salesman- Rich Cadry--we're that happy!) The staff is knowledgeable, honest and has given us the best value and the cars we have purchased...have performed above our expectations. Maintenance is painless and the service department is immaculate, timely and listens to concerns and addresses it promptly. What more can I say?! *****5 star for sure

Mary Castillo

Google+ Review, April 2014

Best Experience I have had at a dealer so far! Our salesperson Linda was extremely helpful and one of the kindest people I have ever met. We got a great deal for our Jetta and will be repeat customers! Hands down the best deals and best customer service available!

Emaad Huq

Google+ Review, March 2014

I recently purchased a 2014 Jetta GLI and I love it. I worked with Luke Klingson on the purchase, he was very knowledgeable on every aspect of the products at hand. This being my first new vehicle purchase and knowing little of the process; Luke was very patient and helpful with every financial question I could throw at him. Overall I give Luke an 11 out of 10 for knowledge and customer service, Thanks again Luke. I've always been a fan of Luther Burnsville VW and this experience sells me even more on the products of Volkswagen. Thanks to everyone at Burnsville VW on the excellent experience top of the line dealership and employees

Kevin Modderman

Google+ Review, March 2014

I recently purchased a Volkswagen Tiguan from Linda Radue and I cannot stop bragging about my fantastic experience! From the moment I walked into the dealership (30 minutes before closing, might I add) I was greeted with a smile and felt incredibly comfortable as a first time buyer. I returned to purchase the car a few days later and was amazed, once again, by the professionalism exemplified by Linda and the entire staff at Luther Burnsville Volkswagen. After going through all of the paperwork, Linda gave me a thorough tour of my car and made sure I was comfortable with my new vehicle before leaving the dealership. That evening I received a phone call from Tom Walsh informing me that he found an even better interest rate for me to finance my car. This is yet another example of the high level of customer service at Luther Burnsville Volkswagen. Just when I didn't think it could get any better, I received a hand written note from Linda yesterday afternoon - classy, classy, classy! Thank you to everyone at Luther Burnsville Volkswagen, you will be receiving many referrals in the years to come.

Meghan McMillan

Google+ Review, March 2014

We found the largest selection of competitively priced Volkswagon Touaregs at Luther Burnsville Volkswagon. Our first contact with Hayden Hengel, our salesperson, was over the internet website. He responded to my inquiries and he gave up his day off to accommodate our schedule. Never have I had a salesperson who knew his product so well. His suggestions were given in our best interest and he made our choice easy. Shopping Luther Burnsville Volkswagon's new and used inventory via the internet was also efficient and thorough, allowing us to feel confident in making the three hour drive from our home in Wisconsin. Without reservation, I recommend this dealership.

Michael Mandli

Google+ Review, September 2014

I came to purchase my Tiguan from another state (7 hour round trip). Mike Barcalow, Kayla Toso and Jacque Gadient were all awesome to work with. Very professional, responsive and accommodating. Would do business again in a heartbeat.

Very happy!

Ed M.

Google+ Review, October 2014

If not for Ann Shirley (Service Advisor) I would have traded my car in for a Toyota Prius by now. I love my car but it has had more than its fair share of issues. Without Ann I would no longer be a V.W. owner.

Very happy!

Brian Halverson

Dealer Rater Review | Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

From the phone call I made to the final purchase I felt like they wanted my business not just the day of the purchase but for years to come. I walked in the door with a scheduled appointment with Hayden. The receptionist was friendly and greeted me right away. Mike the internet manager came over and introduced himself. Hayden was paged to meet me on the showroom floor. At no point did I feel rushed and at all points I felt like they were listening to my needs. I took a test drive and loved the car!!! Hayden's knowledge of the car was exceptional. He was almost like talking to a mechanic! I had a vehicle I needed to trade in. Gary took the necessary evaluation of my car and gave me a fair price for it. After going over everything with Hayden and agreeing on the purchase I was introduced to Jacque who handles financing. She was exceptional as well she took the time to explain warranties and other available ad on's I may be interested in. At no time did I feel pressured. It was easily the best car buying experience I have ever had. When I picked up the car Hayden actually stayed late to make sure he could help me set up my bluetooth and explain how everything in the car worked. He also went over maintenance needs such as when I needed to get my oil changed and how often I should bring the car in for inspection. They have treated me as well since making the purchase as they did during the car buying process. The car is a 2012 and looks and feels like a 2015!! Thank you Burnsville Volkswagen!!!

Dealer Rater Review, October 2014 | Exceptional Service

I purchased my new Volkswagen Jetta on 10/14/14. The service was excellent. Rich Cadry was the best to work. He made my car buying experience stress free!!

Dealer Rater Review, October 2014 | Stellar Service!

I was introduced to Linda after Sandy from the service department showed me what rough shape my beloved old Jetta was in. I wasn't expecting to get a new car that day and I think Sandy and Linda could tell I was a little sad about my decision to get a new car but they were quick to comfort me and attend to my concerns and needs. I felt like they were both relatives of mine before my Fiancé and I even started test driving cars. Linda then listened to what we were looking for and quickly helped us narrow down a few good choices in both the new and used inventory. We were so impressed by her stellar service and knowledge about the car's we were inquiring about. Our 'Linda Experience' set the bar incredibly high for any future Burnsville VW sales members and Sandy will always be my go to person in the service department, as we know we will be lifelong customers! Thank you for all your help, we truly appreciate it and absolutely LOVE our new 2014 Jetta

Dealer Rater Review, October 2014 | 5 Star

No hassle approach to the entire process made our experience working with them very enjoyable. First time VW owner and loving the Tiguan so far. If you're looking for a great vehicle, nice people and excellent service, this is the place to go.

No BS and Complete Honesty

I wanted a specific model of 2015 "New GTI." I had tried 4 other VW dealers. I called Burnsville Volkswagen and told them that I had little time (which was true) and wanted to work with someone really knew their product well. I found it exhausting to work with salespeople who knew less about their own product than I did. They connected me to Linda Radue. Linda didn't have exactly what I wanted but understood my requirements and did NOT try to talk me into anything else. Instead she asked for a couple of days to do some research. Within a business ay she called me back with ALL the specifics on a car she could trade for from Milwaukee, including the complete price down to the penny. It was exactly what I wanted and was given a decent discount, though this edition of GTI is in high demand. The next thing was a visit to the finance office. Off the bat, I explained that I did not want ANY extras whatsoever. They were cheerful and did not hassle me for a single thing. I was out of there right after one of the most thorough delivery explanations I've had, including from Mercedes and BMW. They also got me out of there on time to make my next appointment. Then I was off on a cross-country trip with my new GTI. Linda called me on the road to make sure the car was performing as expected. I had a few technical questions and she not only answered them but called me back to ensure that the results were as she indicated. Weeks later my calls continued to be welcomed and concern for my satisfaction was very obvious, even though the car and I would be residing in CA, and she would not get anything out of the concern shown. Through several calls it became clear that this is a person and a dealership that operates with a rare level of integrity. I'd recommend them, and specifically Linda, and I'd buy from them again in a heartbeat.

We Drove Further

I'm 25. I have a good job and make good money. But I don't look like I would be the type that would drive a brand new, expensive vehicle. (Caught somewhere between boyhood and adulthood and hipster and over-the-hill.) Our local VW dealer lost out on a sale because I walked in and multiple salesman decided, "He doesn't look like a guy who could afford a car." They made eye contact and quickly looked away. I eventually went to the parts department and asked if someone could help me. By that time, I was irritated. Wanting to spend my money locally, I bit my tongue. But then the dishonesty. Having done my research and asking VW specialists, I asked specific questions regarding performance ratings and availability of the product. The truth was dodged. I walked out. Having dealt with Luther Burnsville before, I called them up. They had exactly what I needed, were completely honest, and treated the sale with utmost priority. I'm sorry if our local businesses fail. Call it Darwinism. I will drive right past my local business in the future to these guys. Not to mention my extra 100 miles of driving saved me $2500. Thanks guys!

October 2014 Tiguan Lease

My wife and I have purchased or leased a VW since 2004. We had a lease on our Jetta that was ready to expire and we too were now ready to look and move into another VW. We received a call from Adam Cote, a lead sales manager and we began chatting about our options. Adam was very knowledgeable, not pushy, and very friendly. When we stopped by the dealership to meet him and look at vehicles, he looked into the best overall pricing and options that that fit into our budget and with no sales pressure. It is this type of relationship that keeps us coming back to VW. If any of our friends or relatives are interested or looking to purchase a VW in the future, we will definitely refer them to Adam and the VW dealership in Burnsville. This was an overall great experience for us... from the beginning of finding the right vehicle for us, to the very end when we drove off the lot with our new 2014 Tiguan.

Steve Van Guilder

Google+ Review, December 2014

Mark Larson made the process of selecting and purchasing my first new car absolutely painless. It was actually rather fun! He answered all my questions and then some. I felt I could trust his advice and that he was very up-front and honest with me. We were able to find a car for me that was almost exactly what I had envisioned coming in that day. The entire thing went much quicker than I had anticipated - just a couple of hours. All the staff at the dealership were really friendly as well. I was surprised to feel overall relaxed at the Burnsville VW dealership despite having been nervous at first to be making such a lofty purchase. I love my new 2015 VW Jetta and really couldn't ask for having had a better experience in the process. Thanks Mark and team :)

Google+ Review, December 7, 2014

My old car was on its last leg so we had to find one fast. My wife and I drove to the dealership and saw a used Toyota Rav4. We went the next day to check it out. The service was by far the best and Jared Frantz our dealer was the greatest experience that we had EVER! We have been to dealers where the sales person is doing hand signals with their manager. Too many dealerships really are not concerned about anyone but themselves. This was NOT the case with Burnsville VW. They treated us like they had known my wife and I forever. We were not treated as another sale but as human beings. My trade-in was in really bad shape and I told them that from the start. They gave us more than I had ever imagined. There was no stress at any time during the sale. We told Jared what was good for us and he made it happen with no going back and forth. I noticed a few scratches after the sale and talked with Jared and the manager. They took my concerns seriously, tried to fix it with all their resources and were honest and fair. From the sales team to finance to service to management they were all a class act. I will refer everyone I know to Burnsville VW. Thank you.

Seth Grabek

Dealerrater, December 16, 2014| Score: 5.0 out of 5.0 "World Class" Organization

My wife & I have purchased many new cars over the course of our 49 years of marriage at various dealerships. We have never experienced anything close to Burnsville Volkswagen in customer service! As soon as we walked in the door, Jared Frantz rushed over to see if he could help us in any way. Jared is by far the best salesperson that my wife & I have ever worked with regarding any product! Jared is personable, professional & very knowledgeable on all of Volkswagen's products. Jared made it easy and fun to purchase our Motor Trend "car of the year" 2015 Golf. Jacque Radue took care of all of the financial steps and like Jared, she is a "complete package" both personally and professionally!! We also got to meet Tim Wilkins, New Car Sales Manager, and he exhibits great people skills, attention to detail & customer service skills! In summary, Burnsville Volkswagen is "top shelf!!!!!!!" Every employee we encountered is motivated to please the customer and the facility is spotless!

Ron & Mary

Dealerrater Review, January 28, 2015

I LOVE MY VW! I narrowed my car search down to 3 different vehicles, doing my search on the internet I would shoot the dealer an email to set up an appointment and when I reach this Luther Burnsville VW dealer I got an instant response from Mike Barcalow and he was kind enough to set up an appointment with Linda Radue the next day! I had that day off to hunt for a new car, which I needed ASAP. I had my heart set on Honda Fit but my husband talked me into test driving the VW Golf, so reluctantly I did and I am SO GLAD because it was the best one! Linda made the car buying experience a pleasure as did Jacque Radue who helped us finance our new VW Golf. When my husband needs a new car he wants a VW Golf too. I can't believe they will give you a loaner car to use if your car needs servicing and they also have a shuttle bus to take you places like the mall!!! How cool is that!!! Thank you for a great experience:)