Volkswagen was recently awarded Best Innovation Winner as part of the “Best of CES Awards” at CES 2016. Volkswagen received this award for their groundbreaking BUDD-e Concept vehicle.

The BUDD-e concept is Volkswagen’s modern version of the much anticipated return of the microbus.  The BUDD-e was awarded for it’s charging system and Modular Electric Platform (MEB) as well as a host of other standout features.

The BUDD-e’s MEB is an exciting advancement that could very likely pave the way for all future vehicles. This MEB reduces the amount of space needed for battery packs, allowing for increased cabin space and comfort. The vehicle’s batteries can get an 80% charge in 15 minutes, making it the fastest on the market. In addition, the BUDD-e is estimated to get an astounding all-electric range of 233 miles.

The BUDD-e is more than engineering innovations; this concept vehicle is full of technology and design innovations as well. The dash of the BUDD-e Concept is equipped with 3 screens surrounding the driver with features that transition on and off the screens as you need them.

Connectivity is key for the BUDD-e. Each passenger can connect their own tablet to the BUDD-e and contribute music, pictures and other content to a large, shared screen in the passenger area. With this concept car the BUDD-e can connect to your smart home allowing you to turn lights on and off, adjust your home’s temperature and even access a camera inside your refrigerator to see what you need to pick up at the grocery store.

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