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“I call shotgun!” The familiar phrase rings out across the yard as the kids race towards the family Volkswagen.  This classic expression is meant to quiet the daily grumble of which passenger gets to ride in the coveted front seat. When children are added to the equation however, we know things don’t always go according to plan.

Never get caught as the referee of a front seat fight again. The team Luther Burnsville Volkswagen has compiled a list of clever solutions to make your mornings (and the rest of your day) run ten times more smoothly.

Solution #1: Fair Is the Name of Game

Our first solution focuses on taking turns and waiting patiently.  Put a classic rotation system to use when it comes to which child gets to sit up front on what day. Make this fun for the kids (and leave no room for confusion) by making a chart for them to refer to.

Get a dry erase board and divide into a month’s worth of calendar days. If you don’t consider yourself crafty you can purchase on here.  Assign each child a color and get coordination dry erase markers. Go through the calendar each month and fill in each day with a child’s color. Just keep rotating back and forth to make sure every child gets the same amount of days. When it is time for the month to start over, the next child in the rotation gets to start the new month.

Solution #2: Earn Your Seat

Get some help around the house and squash the front seat debate with our next solution. Create a list of elective chores and assign each chore a point value. At the same time assign the privilege of sitting in the front seat a point value and display it somewhere accessible to the children. When a child decides to complete a chore off the list, they earn the allotted points. Once a child has earned enough points, they can cash those points in for the privilege of sitting in the front seat the next day.

Avoid morning squabbles by explaining points must be cashed in the night before and cannot be a last minute morning decision. If more than one child want to cash in their points for the same day, see if the children can work it out maturely. If that doesn’t work out put it to a old-fashioned game of rock paper scissors. If no children have enough points to sit in the front seat then everybody sits in the back seat. If you have more children that rear seats, this solution might not be the best option for you.

Solution #3: The Luck of the Draw

This solution puts up front seating to chance, while still remaining fair. Make a chip (a piece of paper will also work) for each day of the week. Put all the chips in bag and shake them up. At the start of every week, have the kids draw a chip one at a time to see what day they get to sit in the front seat. Be sure to write it down and display is somewhere the kids can see to avoid bickering later in the week.

Since there are on odd number of days in a week there will always be one child with more days that the other. Easy Fix: Say you have three children. Two of the children get two days while the third gets three days. Have child with three days be the last to draw the next week. This allows the other children to have more days the next week and levels the playing field.

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